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Coronavirus Update
at Dr. Shawn Scott LLC

We are reaching out to provide you with an update of how our office plans to move forward in the wake of growing concerns about COVID-19 and what we all need to consider during this health event.


First, I wish to assure you that we at Dr Shawn Scott, LLC are deeply concerned with the health and safety of our patients, staff, and everyone within our communities. We have and will continue to follow this evolving situation and consult and follow the directives of local health authorities. We continue to monitor the American Dental Association (ADA) website, CDC advisors, and are in touch with the overall dental community for recommendations.


As of the date of this announcement, we are planning to remain open and operating under our normal business hours. If anything changes, you will be notified as soon as possible.

The following are answers to patient/parent questions about COVID-19 in our office:

  1. We are asking all patients who feel ill or that may have any symptoms of a cold or flu to please reschedule their appointments with our office for two weeks after their symptoms have subsided.

  2. Please reschedule for two weeks out if you have traveled or anyone in the patient’s household has traveled outside the country within the last 3 weeks.

  3. Our team members will be following these same precautions. Team members have been asked to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms or feel they have been at risk of exposure.

  4. We have always practiced “Universal Precautions” in our office which included disinfecting all surfaces that we and/or our patients come in contact with. All instruments are steam sterilized in an autoclave device, and all non-sterilizable items are discarded after a single-use.

  5. We also focus on the utmost cleanliness of our reception and consultation areas, in addition to clinical treatment areas. We want our patients to know that these areas will now be disinfected throughout the day.

  6. If possible, we are asking patients to come to the treatment area by themselves. We are also asking as few people as possible to come into the office to reduce unnecessary contact. We understand this is not possible in all cases.


With Care,

Dr. Shawn Scott and Staff

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